Spring 2022 Practice Schedule

Hello all,

Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a good break and you are ready for some table tennis practice. Below are the practice and league schedule for this semester:

Before March 14th:
Tuesday: 5-7 pm, court 6
Thursday: 5-7 pm, court 6
Saturday (league) : 5-7 pm, court 6

After March 14th:
Monday: 6-8 pm, court 6
Thursday: 6-8 pm, court 6
Friday (league) : 8-10 pm, court 6

If you are already graduated or you want to be removed from this mail list, please let us know. The first practice starts tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise, I will see you at the practice!


Update: Summer 2021 Practice Schedule

Hello everyone,

I'm excited to announce that we have reserved Court 6 (4th floor of the CRC) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 6-8 pm! Practice will restart tomorrow, Friday June 11th, and continue for the summer term on this schedule. If you plan on coming tomorrow please answer two quick questions on this Google form:


As far as I can tell (by attending the CRC a few times since summer started), masks are not required on good faith you are fully vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated, I believe GT "strongly recommends" you wear a mask indoors campus facilities. Not a bad idea to bring one just in case!

Quick reminder that dues will be $30 for the summer term. Technically you have 2 practices to "check out the club" before I'm "required" to start pestering you about your dues. Dues can be paid in cash to one of the officers, by Venmo to @George-Jeno (or to @chmooney if you trust me to redirect funds appropriately), or by check (made out to "Georgia Tech Table Tennis Association").

If you have any questions about the club this semester please reach out to me! I'm thrilled to see our club resume [new] normal operations this summer!


Cole Mooney

Spring 2020 Practice

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a good winter break, and are ready to get back into it! Our first practice will be tomorrow, 1/6, from 6-8 pm on Court 5.

For those who are joining us for the first time this semester, we meet on the fourth floor of the Campus Recreation Center (the floor with the basketball courts) for practices. This semester, both the timings and the court we play on have been changed (and will change again later in the semester) for some of the practices - the up-to-date information can be found on our Google calendar at http://tta.gtorg.gatech.edu/schedule. For your reference, this is our practice schedule for the upcoming semester:

Phase 1: 1/6-3/2
Monday 6-8 pm on Court 5
Tuesday 8-10 pm on Court 5
Friday 7-9 pm on Court 4

Phase 2: 3/3-4/23
Tuesday 6-8 pm on Court 6
Thursday 6-8 pm on Court 6
Friday 7-9 pm on Court 4

Just as a reminder, dues ($50) are required to be paid by each member of the club for the semester. Dues can be paid in cash to one of the officers, by Venmo to @George-Jeno, or by check (made out to "Georgia Tech Table Tennis Association").

I will be sending out an interest form for tournaments this semester later this week - look out for that email if you are interested in attending competitions this spring! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Tryouts and Tournaments

Hi everyone,

The first round of tryouts are going to be held next Tuesday and Friday,
September 17th and 20th during our normal practice time in the CRC. These
tryouts will determine the varsity and JV teams that we will send to NCTTA
tournaments, and will be taken into account when determining teams for other
various USATT tournaments. Here is the link to sign up for tryouts:
The deadline to sign up for tryouts will be this Sunday, 9/15.

Additionally, there are a couple USATT tournaments which we have already
received funding for and will be sending teams to. This allows for expenses
such as registration fees, travel, and lodging (when applicable) to be reduced
greatly. If you are interested in attending NCTTA tournaments and/or USATT
tournaments, please fill out the following form ASAP so we can gauge interest
and plan accordingly:

For those who were visiting the club for the first time last week (and anyone
else who has not paid dues), please try to get them to me as soon as possible.
Dues are $50, and can be paid in cash, by Venmo (to @George-Jeno), or by a
check made out to "Georgia Tech Table Tennis Association).

For players looking for a paddle to start playing with, I recommend either the
Premade Buster Combo at http://www.colestt.com/, or the Palio Expert 2 - both
play very well for the price, and are good to use while learning technique.

For everyone who was just added to the email list, our full practice schedule
can be found on our website at http://tta.gtorg.gatech.edu/schedule - you can
add our calendar to your Google calendar as well.

If you want to be removed from the email list, you can select the
"Unsubscribe" option at https://lists.gatech.edu/sympa/info/gttta.
Contact me if you are not on the email list and would like to be.

George Jeno

2019-2020 Fall Semester First Practice

Hi everyone!

Hopefully everyone had a great summer and is ready to get back to the school
grind! This email is about our first practice, as well as general information
regarding our club.

We meet on the fourth floor of the Campus Recreation Center (the floor with
the basketball courts) on Court 6 (the farthest court from the stairs/elevator
on the right side) for practice. The first practice will be on this coming
Tuesday, 8/20, from 6-8 PM. Generally, our weekly practice schedule will be:
Monday: 7-9 PM
Tuesday: 6-8 PM
Friday: 7-9:30 PM

The calendar at http://tta.gtorg.gatech.edu/schedule will have the up-to-date
information regarding when we do and do not have practice. Some important
dates when we will not have practice are:
September: 9/6 - 9/11 for Career Fair, 9/13 for CRC Staff Training
November: 11/28 - 11/30 for Thanksgiving Break

We do require dues of $50 for the semester, but everyone can attend three
practices for free to see if the club is a good fit for them before paying.
In addition, we can prorate dues if you only plan on attending practice on a
certain day, for example - just talk to me so we can figure it out. Dues can
be paid in cash, by Venmo to @George-Jeno, or by check (made out to "Georgia
Tech Table Tennis Association").

For those interested in competitive collegiate play, we will be holding
tryouts for our NCTTA team after a couple of weeks - we'll send out a form to
sign up for tryouts later.

For everyone who is interested in joining, it's important that you join at
in order to be affiliated with our club!

Any updates or additional information will be sent in future emails. In
addition, the information in each email will be posted to our club website
(http://tta.gtorg.gatech.edu/), to our campuslabs page, and our Facebook group
(https://www.facebook.com/groups/189658277728281). If you have any questions,
feel free to email me at gttta.president@gmail.com! Hope to see you all this
coming Tuesday!

George Jeno

Summer Dues

Hello everyone!

After an *extended* trial period, we are going to start collecting dues, which
are $35 for the summer. Dues can be paid either in cash, through Venmo, or
with a check (made out to “Georgia Tech Table Tennis Association”) – just find
me, Chace, or Cole to pay. If you don't plan on attending more than a couple
of practices this summer, let us know and we can prorate the dues.
Unfortunately, I can’t make it to many practices this summer, but I hope to
see you all tomorrow!

George Jeno

Summer Practice Information/Schedule

Hello all,

For everyone that is here over the summer, we will have practice from 7 pm to
10 pm three days a week most weeks, from May 6th to July 26th on Court 6 in
the CRC. Here are the dates that we will have practice:

5/6 (Mon), 5/9 (Thu), 5/10 (Fri)
5/13 (Mon), 5/16 (Thu), 5/17 (Fri)
5/20 (Mon), 5/23 (Thu), 5/24 (Fri)
5/27 (Mon), 5/30 (Thu), 5/31 (Fri)

6/3 (Mon), 6/5 (Wed), 6/6 (Thu)
6/10 (Mon), 6/13 (Thu), 6/14 (Fri)
6/18 (Tue), 6/20 (Thu), 6/21 (Fri)

7/1 (Mon), 7/4 (Thu), 7/5 (Fri)
7/8 (Mon), 7/10 (Wed), 7/12 (Fri)
7/15 (Mon), 7/18 (Thu), 7/19 (Fri)
7/23 (Tue), 7/24 (Wed), 7/26 (Fri)

I will update the calendar on the schedule page of the website with this
Let me know if you have any questions.


No League Today (2/15/19) and Time/Location Change

Hello everyone,

There are a few things to note for practice today. Due to the fact that club officers will not be present because of our tournament in Florida, we will be cancelling Friday league. HOWEVER, there will still be open play. Our time and location will also be changed for today: instead of Court 4, we will be in the Auxiliary Gym right after Archery practice ends. Practice will also be from 8 PM to 9:45 PM instead of our usual 7 PM to 9 PM time slot.

Keep in mind that we'll still have open play, but note that we will have 1) decreased attendance because many of our players are going to Florida, 2) no league, 3) a different time slot, and 4) a different location.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jonathan Lian

Tournament Interest Form

I've created an interest form for the tournaments I mentioned in my last post here: https://goo.gl/forms/9x5oCcCF4MstTFcb2. Please fill it out if you want to attend any of them!

IMLeagues and Tournaments

Hi everyone!

Besides paying our $50 dues, one of the requirements to be a part of our club
is to register on IMLeagues. Note that even if you signed up here last
semester, you must sign up again this semester. Go to
create an account using your .gatech.edu email, search up "Table Tennis", and
request to join our team. You will be prompted to sign a waiver with your

For all of the new players who don't yet have paddles or need to borrow a low-
quality paddle from the CRC, I recommend that you buy the Premade Buster Combo
from http://www.colestt.com if you want the best bang for your buck.

I also want to reiterate that we have a partnership with Paddle Palace, so you
can visit their website at https://www.paddlepalace.com, and you can use the
coupon code NGIT19 for a 15% discount off all products excluding tables,
robots, and Butterfly brand products. Furthermore, we've established affiliate
linking through Megaspin, so our club can receive 6-12% commission if you buy
items through their website at this link:

If you are interested in any of the following tournaments, let me know as soon
as possible via email or in-person so that I can create bills and get funding
for club members to participate at a greatly reduced cost:

* NCTTA Singles for the Georgia Division on 2/9.
* Butterfly BTTTC Open
on 2/16 - 2/17.
* 2019 Atlanta Spring Giant Round Robin (http://agtta.org/tournaments/) on
* 2019 Cary Cup Open
on 3/30 - 3/31.

We tend to cover the tournament registration fee (up to $100), partial
reimbursement for flight, and partial reimbursement for lodging. NCTTA Singles
and the Spring Giant Round Robin are local tournaments where flight and
lodging is not applicable, but all other aforementioned tournaments will have
some of those costs covered.



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