General Information

Our Mission
GTTTA’s mission is to provide an open, friendly, and competitive environment for members of the Georgia Tech community to improve and compete in the awesome sport of table tennis. New players are always welcome, however we prefer players who are motivated to improve and wish to learn how to play properly OR who have previously played competitively.
Benefits of Membership
- Opportunity to play high level table tennis 3x per week
- Free entry into multiple off-site tournaments per year
- Weekly training sessions
- Weekly league nights
- Other club-sponsored events including participation in other leagues
- Using high quality equipment that is in good condition

What is practice like?
During our practices, there are always tables available for open play. However we also have structured practices twice a week: League nights on Fridays and coaching sessions on Mondays.

For players who desire to train and improve, we recommend participating in both the training sessions and league nights. In the training sessions we utilize various forms of training equipment including a Newgy 1040 robot, multi-ball buckets, and an adjustable serve trainer.
More details for the league can be found on our League page.
Varsity Teams
The competitive teams travel multiple times a semester to compete in the NCTTA tournaments. For nine of the past ten years, the top players have qualified for the NCTTA National Championships which is held in a different city every year. The tryouts tournament for the competitive team and initial ranking of the members is held during the fall semester in early September. All players are encouraged to participate in our tryouts tournament and our weekly league.


8 New Donic Delhi 25 (ITTF Approved) tables (Blue)
8 Donic Stress net sets
40 Butterfly court barriers
Nittaku J-Top Training 40+ practice balls are provided for use during practice.

*Paddles are not provided*

Donic Delhi 25 Table

How to Join
Membership is determined on a per semester basis. Visitors are allowed 2 free practices in order to decide whether to join or not before being required to pay. The membership fee is $50/semester. Please bring cash or a check made out to "GT Table Tennis Association" to practice and give it to one of our officers (preferably either the President or Treasurer).


Contact Information
Feel free to contact our president Asees Singh any time at
The mailing list is a useful source of information about practice schedule changes and tournaments.
Email to be added to the mailing list.


Current Officers

President Asees Singh
Vice President Haiqi Wen
Treasurer Yanyu Xie
Webmaster Vincent Wang
Safety Officer Varun Kukkillaya and Cole Mooney
Alumni Advisor Jonathan Lian
Faculty Advisor Jingfeng Wang