Practice Extension Days

Hi everyone!

I have managed to extend practice days to the following dates and courts from 7 PM to 9:30 PM:

12/13 - Court 5
12/14 - Court 6
12/17 - Court 6
12/18 - Court 6
12/19 - Court 6
12/20 - Court 6

However, note that a lot of students/players will potentially be gone during this time after finals, so if you plan on going on one of the listed days, try coordinating with other people beforehand. Remember that you can always ask the CRC personnel at the equipment desk to unlock the Studio C storage room.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Have an awesome break!

Partnership Announcement, Prize System, and Apparel

Hi everyone!

I'm proud to announce that we've partnered with Paddle Palace who will be
providing our club some uniforms, equipment, and discounts. Make sure to visit
their website at, and you can use the coupon code
NGIT19 for a 15% discount off all products excluding tables, robots, and
Butterfly brand products. Furthermore, we've established affiliate linking
through Megaspin, so our club can receive 6-12% commission if you buy items
through their website at this link:

I also want to congratulate our competition teams who attended the NCTTA
Divisional Team Tournament last weekend! Our varsity and junior varsity teams
placed first in their respective divisions for the Fall. If we happen to have
the same performance for Spring team divisionals, we will be able to advance
to regionals. Furthermore, I will determine who will make the Spring semester
B Team from our league rankings ( by late
January, so be sure to keep attending our Friday league!

Another thing I want to point out is that we are keeping track of the points
each person has accumulated through league at the bottom of this link for the
prize system: Remember that the prize
system information can be found here:

Remember that we still have our apparel poll here: If you are interested in getting GT
Table Tennis apparel and/or certain Paddle Palace uniforms, fill the form out
and I'll send out information to the interested parties if there are any
updates as to what the uniforms will exactly look like and such. You will
probably be receiving this apparel next semester.

Monday Practice, Prize System, and Apparel Poll

Hi everyone!

On Monday (10/8) we will still have open play at the usual practice time (6-8 PM) and location (Court 6), but there will NOT be any structured beginner/intermediate training going on due to Fall Break. If you want to come and play still, you can bring the equipment out from the supply room at your discretion, but Monday's attendance will overall probably be lower than usual.

I will also be introducing a prize system to our Friday league where the document for how points are gained and how prizes are distributed can be found here: Let me know if you have suggestions, feedback, or any questions! League performance from our past leagues this year will be taken into account, and I will be sending out a link with point tabulations in an upcoming email.

If anyone is interested in buying individual GTTTA uniforms or apparel, the poll can be found here:

If you are interested in attending USATT tournaments, there is a discount for USATT membership which is $25 (original value is $75, college discount is $45, but this NCTTA super discount is $25). The form can be found here:

Finally, if you are one of the seven people who have contacted me about being interested in the Atlanta Giant Winter Round Robin, send me your email so I can potentially send out information closer to the tournament date.

Sorry for inundating you all with information! I have exciting news about sponsorships and equipment discounts that I'll be sending out in my next message, so if you're thinking about buying equipment anytime soon, wait a bit longer for a potentially better deal!

Training Schedule, Tournaments, & League

Hello everyone!

After tryouts, the following people have made the A and B teams:
A Team: David Gong, Jeffrey Ma, Erik Pulido, Winnie Yeung, Jonathan Lian, and
Ricardo Lages
B Team: Victor Chen, Haiqi Wen, Asees Singh, Sri Krishna, Leo Zhang, and
Vincent Wang

The people on these teams will be able to participate in certain NCTTA
(collegiate) tournaments and will also be given priority to have USATT
tournament entry fees paid for. If you are not on this list and still would
still like to attend an upcoming USATT tournament, let me know so I can gauge

Regardless of your skill level, if you want to be officially rated at a USATT
tournament, the 2018 Atlanta Winter Open Giant Round Robin is coming up on
11/3/18. Let me know if you are interested within the next two weeks. We may
be able to pay for your registration fee!

Our schedule for the upcoming weeks is as follows:

Mondays: Beginner and Intermediate Training (at least 4 tables will be
reserved for training, and any open tables left will be for open play)
Thursdays: Advanced Training (this is typically for varsity players or players
with 1500+ USATT rating. At least 3 tables will be reserved for training, and
any open tables left will be for open play)
Fridays: League (any open tables left will be for open play)

Note that these sessions were determined based upon the surveys that were sent
out in previous emails. Please show up on time if you want to participate in
training sessions or league! Remember that in league, you will be grouped up
with people of similar skill level in a round robin format. If you win your
group, you have the opportunity to advance to a higher group in the next

Tryouts Final Round and No Practice

Hello everyone!

The final round of tryouts will happen this Thursday (9/13). If you have advanced past group stages and past the first round of single eliminations, be sure to show up on Thursday! Note that we will still have open tables for people not in the final round, so feel free to come for open play regardless of your tryout results.

Also, this is a reminder that we WILL NOT have practice this Friday (9/14) and next Monday (9/17) because of career fair.

We will begin to enforce collecting $50 dues from people who are not completely new and who have not yet paid.

Finally, remember that everyone is required to sign up on IMLeagues! Go to, create an account using your email, search up "Table Tennis", and request to join our team. You will be prompted to sign a waiver with your GTID.

Dues, IMLeagues, and Tryouts

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that our practice days and locations in the CRC are as follows:

Mondays 6-8 PM on Court 6
Thursdays 6-8 PM on Court 5
Fridays 7-9 PM on Court 4

Be sure to pay your $50 semesterly dues soon to one of our officers by the upcoming practices. Afterwards, you are required to sign up on IMLeagues (this is mandatory)! Go to, create an account using your email, search up "Table Tennis", and request to join our team. You will be prompted to sign a waiver with your GTID.

Just a reminder that we have tryouts next Thursday (9/6) and the Monday after on (9/10), so make sure to sign up at before the deadline on 9/4. There will also be NO practice next Friday (9/7) because the CRC is holding a training session for its staff.

After tryouts, we will be having structured training, open play, and league days which will be determined by another form we'll be sending out in the future.

Tryouts, New Practice Schedule, and Tournaments

There was a scheduling problem that occurred a few days ago due to an issue on
CRC's end, so this will be the new practice schedule where the only thing that
has been changed is the location of the court on Thursday practice:

Mondays 6-8 PM on Court 6
Thursdays 6-8 PM on Court 5
Fridays 7-9 PM on Court 4

This means we will still have practice tonight! Furthermore, we have opened up
try-outs registration for those who are interested in playing on our team and
traveling to NCTTA tournaments. View the form here:
Entry deadline (9/4) will be two days before try-outs begin. We will be resuming normal
multiball training, league, and practice after tryouts end.

There will also be a USATT tournament happening on September 8 for those who
are interested in playing with other people or gaining official rating points.
View tournament info here:
These tournaments are open to everyone, not just collegiate athletes. A USATT
membership ($45 / year) or single-tournament fee is required to participate,
but membership can be applied for online before your first tournament. This
particular tournament is external to our club, so you will need to handle your
own transportation and payments.

Fall 2018 Information

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a superb summer and is looking forward to playing table tennis this upcoming year! Our club meets on the fourth floor of the Campus Recreation Center where all of the basketball courts are. Our first practice will be held Thursday (8/23) on court 6 from 6-8 PM. Our normal practice schedule is as follows:

Mondays 6-8 PM on Court 6
Thursdays 6-8 PM on Court 6
Fridays 7-9 PM on Court 4

There will be no practice on the following dates:
- 9/7 CRC Training
- 9/14 Career Fair
- 9/17 Career Fair

Even though our club does require dues, we will start enforcing the collection of dues by the second week of school, so feel free to check out our club until then! Dues cost $50 per semester, so be sure to pay by either cash or check (make out to "Georgia Tech Table Tennis Association") to any of our officers.

Also note that we cannot provide rackets, but it is possible to obtain them from the equipment station on the fourth floor. Otherwise, we will be providing the tables and balls. Everyone should help setup tables and barriers if possible!

We will also be holding tryouts for our school team on a later date for NCTTA tournaments. I will be sending out a form within the next week or so for those interested in participating.

All in all, if there are any new updates, I'll be sure to update you via email, OrgSync, etc. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at or let me know during practice times. Otherwise, I hope to see you all on Thursday!

Spring 2018 Schedule

Welcome back!
Here are the Spring 2018 practice times, looking forward to seeing you there!

Phase 1 (Jan 8-March 5):
Mondays 6-8p Court 5
Thursdays 6-8p Court 5
Fridays 7-9p Court 4

Phase 2 (March 6-April 24)
Mondays 6-8p Court 6
Thursdays 7-9p Court 4
Fridays 7-9p Court 4

Fall 2017 Schedule

Here are the Fall 2017 practice times:

Mondays 6-8 PM on Court 6
Thursdays 7-9 PM on Court 6
Fridays 7-9 PM on Court 3

Please use our calendar to see if there are any practice cancellations due to school events or holidays.
When in doubt, please email Derek or Jonathan. We will be on the fourth floor of the CRC, and we hope to see you there!


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