Tryouts and Tournaments

Hi everyone,

The first round of tryouts are going to be held next Tuesday and Friday,
September 17th and 20th during our normal practice time in the CRC. These
tryouts will determine the varsity and JV teams that we will send to NCTTA
tournaments, and will be taken into account when determining teams for other
various USATT tournaments. Here is the link to sign up for tryouts:
The deadline to sign up for tryouts will be this Sunday, 9/15.

Additionally, there are a couple USATT tournaments which we have already
received funding for and will be sending teams to. This allows for expenses
such as registration fees, travel, and lodging (when applicable) to be reduced
greatly. If you are interested in attending NCTTA tournaments and/or USATT
tournaments, please fill out the following form ASAP so we can gauge interest
and plan accordingly:

For those who were visiting the club for the first time last week (and anyone
else who has not paid dues), please try to get them to me as soon as possible.
Dues are $50, and can be paid in cash, by Venmo (to @George-Jeno), or by a
check made out to "Georgia Tech Table Tennis Association).

For players looking for a paddle to start playing with, I recommend either the
Premade Buster Combo at, or the Palio Expert 2 - both
play very well for the price, and are good to use while learning technique.

For everyone who was just added to the email list, our full practice schedule
can be found on our website at - you can
add our calendar to your Google calendar as well.

If you want to be removed from the email list, you can select the
"Unsubscribe" option at
Contact me if you are not on the email list and would like to be.

George Jeno