2019-2020 Fall Semester First Practice

Hi everyone!

Hopefully everyone had a great summer and is ready to get back to the school
grind! This email is about our first practice, as well as general information
regarding our club.

We meet on the fourth floor of the Campus Recreation Center (the floor with
the basketball courts) on Court 6 (the farthest court from the stairs/elevator
on the right side) for practice. The first practice will be on this coming
Tuesday, 8/20, from 6-8 PM. Generally, our weekly practice schedule will be:
Monday: 7-9 PM
Tuesday: 6-8 PM
Friday: 7-9:30 PM

The calendar at http://tta.gtorg.gatech.edu/schedule will have the up-to-date
information regarding when we do and do not have practice. Some important
dates when we will not have practice are:
September: 9/6 - 9/11 for Career Fair, 9/13 for CRC Staff Training
November: 11/28 - 11/30 for Thanksgiving Break

We do require dues of $50 for the semester, but everyone can attend three
practices for free to see if the club is a good fit for them before paying.
In addition, we can prorate dues if you only plan on attending practice on a
certain day, for example - just talk to me so we can figure it out. Dues can
be paid in cash, by Venmo to @George-Jeno, or by check (made out to "Georgia
Tech Table Tennis Association").

For those interested in competitive collegiate play, we will be holding
tryouts for our NCTTA team after a couple of weeks - we'll send out a form to
sign up for tryouts later.

For everyone who is interested in joining, it's important that you join at
in order to be affiliated with our club!

Any updates or additional information will be sent in future emails. In
addition, the information in each email will be posted to our club website
(http://tta.gtorg.gatech.edu/), to our campuslabs page, and our Facebook group
(https://www.facebook.com/groups/189658277728281). If you have any questions,
feel free to email me at gttta.president@gmail.com! Hope to see you all this
coming Tuesday!

George Jeno